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جارديان: "بريكست" فاقم نقص العمالة المزمن في بريطانيا لكنه ليس السبب الوحيد

The Guardian: “Brexit” has exacerbated Britain’s chronic labor shortage, but it is not the only cause.

The number of EU citizens moving to Britain has fallen since Brexit closed the door to low-wage workers, British newspaper, The Guardian reported..

A significant drop in immigration from the EU has hit hospitality and support services hard. But the immigration watchdog (MO) At the University of Oxford and a panel of independent experts, they said Brexit had “exacerbated” Britain’s long-term labor shortage, but it was not the only cause..

The data shows that in 2021 only 43,000 EU citizens received a visa to work, join a family, study or for other purposes, compared with 230,000 to 430,000 EU citizens coming to the UK annually in the six years to March 2020. Office for National Statistics. (ONS).

Of those migrating to Britain in 2021 – as opposed to business or leisure travel – EU citizens will account for only 5% of the number of visas issued. The report “The End of Free Movement and the UK’s low-Wage Workforce” states: “The figures to date are consistent with the possibility of a significant reduction in immigration to the EU.“.

But he cautions against blaming Brexit for the high number of job vacancies in the UK, along with the spread of the pandemic, early retirement among the over-50s, high job vacancies across Europe and international labor shortages.

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