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"الجارديان": بريطانيا تستقبل عددا أقل من الأوكرانيين عن معظم دول أوروبا

The Guardian: Britain receives fewer Ukrainians than most European countries

The British newspaper (The Guardian) revealed on Friday that the United Kingdom has taken in fewer Ukrainian refugees than any other 28 European countries..

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, about 7 million people have fled Ukraine to other European countries since the February 24 Russian military offensive..

For its part, the British Home Office estimates that as of May 29, the number of Ukrainians arriving in the United Kingdom was 65,700, equivalent to about 10 refugees per 10,000 population, while 720,000 Ukrainian refugees arrived in Germany. , Its population is equal to the population of the United Kingdom on May 11; The proportion of refugees is 87 per 10,000 population in the area it occupies..

As for France, its individual share is approximately equal to the number of the United Kingdom, with about 57,500 arriving on May 25, or 9 refugees per 10,000 population..

Some of the smallest countries in terms of population were accepted; More refugees in absolute and relative terms according to their governments, including Austria, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

In Bulgaria, for example, the primary target of more than 290,000 people leaving Ukraine is 423 per 10,000..

The British newspaper pointed out that UK visa schemes have been widely criticized by many applicants for long delays; Hundreds of Ukrainian families are seeking to withdraw their applications to come to the UK because of these delays..

The UK’s performance in granting Ukrainian refugees is worse than countries that only issue applications for protection or asylum, with Denmark and Finland receiving twice as many applications as the UK’s individual visa programs, the Guardian added..

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