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The Guardian: British families unable to host Ukrainian refugees – World News

An article published by the British newspaper, The Guardian, said that almost half of the Ukrainian refugees in Britain have not found a home since the families who hosted them when they first arrived in the UK abandoned them last year.

Gentleman: Half of the Ukrainian refugees in Britain have no money to live on

Article by Amelia Gentleman A recently published study suggests that more than half of Ukrainian refugees in Britain do not have the funds to rent a house and cannot find a guarantee for them with landlords.

The article points out that last year around 117,000 Ukrainian refugees came to the UK to escape the crisis in their country and stayed in the country under the hosting system provided by British families, with around 49,000 joining them. Their relatives already living in the United Kingdom, however, these refugees, as the article points out, began to face real problems after the inability of their dependent British families to provide them with the accommodation they needed, which forced them to seek refuge. Another place of residence when the funds required to pay the rent of a house are not available.

49 percent of Ukrainian refugees can no longer find a guarantor

The article notes that a British charity survey of 325 Ukrainian refugees found that about 49 percent of Ukrainian refugees could not find guarantors with real estate owners, and that about 43 percent of Ukrainian refugees did not have enough. Finance to rent new house..

The article shows that because of the crisis in Ukraine, British families are unable to accommodate Ukrainian refugees for long periods of time.

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The plight of Ukrainian refugees in the UK has prompted many charities in the country to draw attention to the plight faced by this group living in the country, the article says. .

In this context, the article deals with the British government’s position on the crisis, as it highlights the statements of a British government spokesperson, in which he said the country welcomed 117,000 Ukrainian refugees last year and provided them with safe accommodation. The hospitality offered by British families to these refugees from all over the world, the country, but at the same time these guests need to find work to provide some income to help them with their living needs.

At the same time, the spokesman noted that the British government had provided material grants to local councils that provided accommodation for Ukrainian refugees. Help refugees in the UK improve their English and provide them with employment opportunities.