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The Guardian: Canadians make life difficult for beavers

The Guardian: Canadians make life difficult for beavers

Updates: 23.05.2021 14:44

TORONTO – Theft of wooden fence posts at first seemed like a common crime. At a time of soaring sawn timber prices, stocks of lumber have disappeared from a number of construction sites across North America. But officials in the Canadian prairie community Porcupine Blaine in Saskatchewan quickly found out who was the real culprit. Khadim wrote that local beavers stole leaflets to build a dam Watchman.

These water ferrets were recently blamed for an internet outage in British Columbia, leaving the entire city without access to the web after beavers cut the cable. To make paganism even greater, beavers also stole the security tape of the telecommunications company that fortified the dam.

Beavers are often seen as a symbol of Canada, but these two incidents – and the third episode in February, when a beaver roams the Toronto subway – reveal increased friction between the locals and a growing number of these animals.

At one point, beavers were on the verge of extinction, but in recent generations they have made an amazing comeback in both North America and Europe. Millions of them now live in Canada again.

“Beavers have an enormous impact on everything around them,” said Glennys Hood, a professor of environmental science at the University of Alberta, who has been studying beavers and their impact on aquatic systems for a long time. Few animals have a profound effect on the natural world as beavers dig thousands of cubic meters of land every year to build housing, build dams and dig canals.

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Although this species is often blamed for the devastation, science has consistently shown how deeply it affects an ecosystem. Not only do beaver dams help restore valuable wetlands and replenish groundwater, but they also help filter sediment, nitrogen and phosphorous from the water, creating a haven for fish and frogs.

But as with any animal whose territory overlaps a human, there must necessarily be a misunderstanding. Last month, the city of Greenville-sur-la-Rouge in Quebec called for the extinction of an entire beaver population of about 800 after 200 beaver dams inundated the surrounding waterways more than 30 square kilometers of the city. It is a recurring problem that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Cities and villages across the country spend millions of dollars annually to treat the effects of beaver activities. But experts say it’s not always fair to blame beavers.

“There are a lot of events going on about beavers sometimes,” Hood said, “but they only interact with how we change the environment.” “It depends on where we place the building work, and when designing the buildings, we must also take into account how nature will interact with the buildings we build,” she added.

According to her, it is imperative that people surrounding wetland buildings and waterways realize that beavers live here much longer than they do. Additionally, beavers are increasingly seen as valuable species to ecosystem health. Hood is convinced that humans and beavers can live side by side – sometimes even with labas.

“I think beavers behave like beavers,” she said. They are by nature creatures that dig dwellings in the ground and expand water channels. She added: “If we put a cable in the ground that does not exceed one meter deep, there is a possibility that something similar will happen.”

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