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The Guardian: League exposes Liz Truss’s description of British workers as incompetent

Liz Truss, the front-runner to lead the Conservative Party and Britain’s prime minister, launched an attack described as “outlandish” by Britain’s Guardian newspaper, saying it required “much more hard work” and lacked the “efficiency and utility” of foreign rivals. .

In the leaked post, he also risked pitting Londoners against the rest of the country by trying to explain the difference between the capital and the rest of England..

Truss, who has put patriotism at the heart of his campaign for the Conservative leadership, said the disparity was “partly a mindset or an attitude”.

The newspaper pointed out that Truss made the comments when he was first secretary of the British Treasury, a position he held until 2019. In that post, he pointed out that the UK has little desire to change its work culture. and enriched..

The more disparaging comments reflect a controversial passage in the book about British workers being “among the world’s worst unemployed”. Unchained It was co-written by him in 2012 when he was a new member of parliament trying to make his mark as a new MP.

In his first live televised debate on the Tory leadership last month, Truss said he did not write the offending episode and instead blamed fellow writer Dominic Raab..

He told the BBC presenter: ‘Each writer wrote different chapters, Dominic Raab wrote this chapter – he supports Rishi Sunak. “.

Rob later said that the authors, who also included Priti Patel and Quasi Quarting, took “joint responsibility” for the book: “It’s up to Liz to explain why she changed her mind.”

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In the leaked post, Truss said the book was “misrepresented” at the time it was published a decade ago, but did not provide any details about how he felt the passage was misrepresented..

Truss’ comments on labor productivity outside London could be particularly damaging, as he was forced earlier this month to reverse plans to cut civil service pay outside the capital after angry opposition from Tory MPs..