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The Guardian: The BBC decides to close BBC Arabic and cut 382 jobs

The British Guardian newspaper said that the British Broadcasting Corporation “BBC” announced plans to cut 382 jobs across its global service, and under the new plans, BBC Arabic and BBC Persian radio will also be closed, the broadcaster said. Britain said the plans would accelerate its digital offerings and increase its impact with audiences around the world.

According to the Guardian, the BBC will continue the World English Language Service globally as a 24-hour broadcaster, with new dates and programs announced in due course.


The BBC said: “Today’s proposals include a total of about 382 job cuts. The proposals would see seven more language services migrate to digital only, reflecting the success of other services that already offer purely digital services and do well with audiences. This means that nearly Of all 41 language services, only half will be digital.”

She added: “The BBC World Service will continue to operate in all languages ​​and countries it is currently in, including new languages ​​added during its expansion in 2016. No language services will be closed.”

“The World Service will continue to serve audiences during moments of danger and will ensure that audiences in countries such as Russia, Ukraine and Afghanistan have access to vital news services, using appropriate broadcast and distribution platforms.”

Broadcasting Union president Philippa Childs said of the BBC World Service proposals: “The union is disappointed to see the proposed changes to services announced by the BBC World Service today.”

“While we recognize that the BBC must adapt to meet the challenges of a changing media landscape, it is workers who are once again being affected by poorly government policy decisions,” she added.

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“In addition to the potential ramifications for the BBC’s global reputation, these proposals will directly impact the talented and dedicated people who are working hard to deliver important news services to the nation and beyond.”