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The hacker, who stole more than $600 million in cryptocurrency, has started to return it

The hacker, who stole more than $600 million in cryptocurrency, has started to return it

a program poly mesh, who fell victim to one of the biggest cryptocurrency thefts, has recovered some of the stolen tokens. On August 10, an unknown hacker stole several types of cryptocurrency from the platform, including Etherea, Binance Coin or Polygon, worth approximately $611 million (over 13 billion kroner). CNBC server But he announced that the thief returned nearly half of the stolen items.

Immediately after the theft was discovered, the platform called on the hacker to return the stolen cryptocurrency because his act harmed many members of the crypto and de-fi community. The Poly Network also announced that it would treat the case as a criminal act. cyber security company Slowmist and other topics in this field They later report that they know the IP address, email, and other information about the attacker that could lead to their discovery. Likewise, users started posting information about the attacker on Twitter.

Agentura Reuters He notes that the Poly network hack is comparable in size to the largest crypto heists from Coincheck in 2018, or Mt. Gox in 2014. In both cases, users of the service lost a total of about half a billion dollars. However, according to the agency, the attack on the Poly network also shows how difficult it is to legalize the stolen cryptocurrency. Thanks to blockchain technology, it is possible to monitor the movement of tokens between wallets, which makes it difficult for attackers to exchange tokens for fiat currencies.

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