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The head of Iran's nuclear program - 24T24 - Czech television says operation in Natanz was a victim of a terrorist attack

The head of Iran’s nuclear program – 24T24 – Czech television says operation in Natanz was a victim of a terrorist attack

The incident comes a day after Tehran introduced new advanced centrifuges at Natans to enable faster uranium enrichment. It comes at a time when world powers are trying to renew the nuclear deal with Iran, which the US withdrew under the government of former US President Donald Trump.

The head of Iran’s nuclear program has called on the international community and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to find a solution to what they call “nuclear terrorism.” He added that Iran has the right to take action against the perpetrators, according to local television Reuters.

The Natanz operation, located in the central province of Isfahan, is a key part of Iran’s nuclear program, which is being monitored by IAEA researchers. Atomic Energy spokesman Anu Kamalwandi said the incident involved an electrical system and was free of pollution and casualties. He added that the cause of the problem was being investigated.

An IAEA spokesman told Reuters via email that the agency was aware of the news in the media, but would not comment on the situation.

The United States and Iran are seeking to renew the nuclear deal

A fire broke out in Nats last July. The government called the case an attempt to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program. In 2010, the Stuxnet computer worm, several attributes of the United States and Israel, was discovered after it was used to attack a facility in Natance.

Tehran and Washington are seeking through intermediaries to renew the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers. This includes easing anti-Iranian sanctions and guaranteeing that it will not develop nuclear weapons in exchange for reducing its ambitions.

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Former US President Trump unilaterally withdrew from the agreement and renewed sanctions against the country. Iran then began to violate certain parts of the agreement. However, current White House President Joe Biden had previously said that the United States would rejoin the nuclear deal. However, the Asian country is once again beginning to follow it fully. Tehran, on the other hand, is arguably the first American to break the treaty, so Washington should take the first step and lift sanctions.

Diplomats discussed in Vienna this week how to keep the deal. Iran has refused to hold direct talks with the US delegation. Representatives from Tehran and Washington also pointed out that they did not expect sudden progress.

On the eve of Iran’s Nuclear Technology Day, Iranian President Hassan Rouge on Saturday reiterated Iran’s commitment not to multiply to launch new advanced decentralization in Natanz.