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The head of the Bakers' Union in Istanbul was arrested on charges of "insulting Turkish bread"

The head of the Bakers’ Union in Istanbul was arrested on charges of “insulting Turkish bread”

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Cihan Kulivar criticized the Turkish people’s dependence on bread as a staple food

Turkish authorities arrested the head of the Istanbul Bakers’ Union on Wednesday, after allegations by the ruling party that he “insulted and baked the Turkish nation”.

Cihan Kulivar is still in pretrial detention for insulting the Turkish president, after he said in a television interview last Monday that Turks eat bread more than other countries, describing bread as “the basic food of foolish societies,” explaining that this is the reason why the same rulers remain in country for twenty years.

Local media in Turkey said that the head of the Bakers’ Union, who is being held in custody, “publicly insults the Turkish nation”, after he said that the “foolish” love of the Turkish people for bread was the reason for their election of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for two decades.

“Bread is the staple food of foolish societies,” Kolivar said, during an interview with Turkey’s Haberturk channel to comment on the rise in bread prices amid the country’s continuing high inflation rate. kilograms per person annually, while the individual eats between 45-50 kilograms of it in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England and Japan.