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The head of US diplomacy arrived in Afghanistan with a plan to withdraw troops

The head of US diplomacy arrived in Afghanistan with a plan to withdraw troops

Updates: 15.04.2021 17:12

KABUL – US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen arrived in Afghanistan today for an unannounced visit to present US plans to withdraw the remaining troops by 9/11. Andhra Pradesh informed about this. Units of other NATO countries and international allies will also join Afghanistan and leave Afghanistan.

Blingen met with Afghan President Ashraf Ghana and other Afghan officials in Kabul and US troops at the US embassy.

White House President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday that the United States and its allies would begin withdrawing their last troops from Afghanistan on May 1 and leave the country by September 11, the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. Invasion. Started.

“The reason I am here after President (Biden)’s speech is to demonstrate with our presence our continued commitment to Afghanistan. Our partnership is changing, but it continues,” Blingen said in a meeting with Ghana.

According to journalists, the Afghan president said he respected the US decision and thanked the US victims.

The United States now has about 2,500 troops in Afghanistan, most of them in 2011 (more than 100,000). A total of 9,600 members of coalition forces from 36 countries, including the Czech Republic, are currently operating in Afghanistan as part of the NATO resolution support program. According to the approved order, the Czech army may currently have 205 soldiers in Afghanistan. Since 2002, several thousand members of the Czech armed forces have made turns in the country, 14 of whom have died there.

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The government of former US President Donald Trump has promised a complete withdrawal of US and allied troops. In an agreement with the Islamic movement, the Taliban set a May 1 deadline for their departure in exchange for not allowing the Taliban to use its territory in Afghanistan or any other organization to attack the United States and its allies.

In today’s statement, the Taliban called for Biden’s plan to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by 9/11, threatening a clear breach of the agreement and counter-measures. The United States and other countries have called for an immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan, and without excuse, the Taliban wrote.

At a press conference at the US embassy in Kabul, Blinken warned that the US had never planned to stay permanently in Afghanistan and that an attack on US troops before they left the country would provoke a “very strong response”.

He said the United States would continue to support Afghan troops fighting Islamic insurgents. So the United States is intensifying its diplomatic relations with Afghanistan and will do everything in its power to reach a peace agreement between Kabul and the Taliban. The foreign minister said Washington would maintain humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and promote the rights of women and girls in the country.

US Diplomatic Corps in Afghanistan