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Změna v Astralis? Jejich sestava v tréninku mě šokovala, říká s1mple

The hero Karzi: The feelings after the victory are indescribable. Skin of the worlds? That would be Ezreal

Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság, together with Mark “Humanoid” Brázda, took care of one of the greatest successes in the history of Czech sports. With MAD Lions, they dominated the LEC European League and will represent the old continent in the MSI World Championship. How does Karzi remember the finals and how did he see the support of the Czech fans?

Matyáš Orság, winner of the highest LEC European League. How to read Has the euphoria subsided, or does the joy of victory increase?
“The euphoria has subsided and we are preparing for MSI. We cannot be satisfied with what we have achieved now.”

You’ve been to MAD Lions a year and a half ago, did you expect something similar back then? After all, she had already shown immense potential in the first split.
“I didn’t start expecting anything bigger until this year, once the list changed and we got a more talented list.”

What did you say on the eve of the match? Were you nervous at all? Your team always looks perfectly fine.
“I wasn’t too nervous, nor was anyone else on the team. We went to enjoy it and were ready for any result.”

Carzzy and Humanoid form the core of the Czech MAD LionsLions mad pictures

Most of the fans were clear that G2 will be in the final ilo Were you surprised by their elimination? Do you think positioning the elements from 2015 is partly redundant?
“G2 hasn’t been very successful lately, so I wasn’t surprised much. I don’t remember 2015, so I can’t comment.” (Laughs)

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Before the final match itself, a wave of support from Czech fans had to inundate you. This must be a great feeling.
“The Czech fans have been terribly cool lately and I really appreciate their support!”

There have been opinions that you were an outsider too because you shouldn’t be good on stage. Did you feel any pressure on the Internet?
“I didn’t feel any pressure, I knew a little that no one was going to have a problem with that, the biggest problem was the player that we switched between seasons.

The beginning of the series failed, two games, two losses. Are you starting to doubt at 0: 2?
“I never doubted, I knew we could change the situation, with our team we can defeat everyone in the European Union at any time.”

What has changed since the third record you gradually started on to reflect the evolution of the final record?
“Nothing has changed at all, Rogue did not play well and we should have won the second match.”

Was the moment in the last game when you knew you were not going to lose this?
“He didn’t come, there were doubts until the last team fight, but I thought the whole time we were going to win because we had already won a worse match.”

What are the first feelings after destroying Nexus on the fifth map?
Indescribable feelings. It feels great and you don’t have to deal with anything at all for a while. “

Is victory all the best because you achieved it with Mark?
“It doesn’t make much difference, but it’s nice to win with a friend.”

Carzzy and Humanoid represent the MAD LionsLions mad pictures

In sports, it is often forgotten how important it is to have a good team on a team. MAD Lions appears to have helped out hugely for the title. it is?
“Everything goes better with a good group, and you learn faster as a team which is fun too.”

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Even two years ago, at the age of seventeen, I won the European Masters, now LEC. So when will the two worlds be?
“Worlds in about 2 years.”

So when you win them over, what will your complexion be like?
“It will be Azriel.”

But before the potential journey to both worlds, MSI awaits you. What are you most looking forward to? Who would you like to refer to with Kaiser?
“I look forward to playing against the Chinese and Korean teams.”

With Mark, you are an inspiration to many Czech players. Did you have a role model that pushed you forward and once you wanted to accomplish what he did?
“It’s Jackeylov who won worlds for Invictus Gaming.”

Final question, how do you really enjoy the life of an athlete? Has anything changed with the Corona virus?
“It’s better than going to school, I can do what I enjoy, and I don’t have to deal with things I’m not interested in. Fulfilling your dream is the best part of life.”