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The heroine of “Harry Potter” stands in solidarity with Palestine, and the Israeli delegate “attacks” it

a. B. Scott Garvet

Emma Watson

International actress Emma Watson has received wide praise and criticism, after she expressed her solidarity with the Palestinian people, by publishing a post by an activist named Sarah Ahmed.

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Emma Watson published a picture of dozens of Palestinians bearing the phrase “solidarity is an act”, where she transmitted a post by activist Sarah Ahmed, in which she said: “Solidarity does not assume that our struggle is the same, that our pain is the same, or that our hope for the future is the same.”

She continued, “Solidarity involves commitment and action as well as recognizing that even if we don’t have the same feelings, the same lives or the same bodies, we live on common ground.”

For his part, the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, attacked Emma Watson, and said on Twitter: “The imagination may work in Harry Potter, but it does not work in reality.. If so, the magic used in the wizarding world, can To eliminate the evils of Hamas, which oppresses women and seeks to annihilate Israel, and the Palestinian Authority, which supports terrorism… I will be with that!” Referring to the Harry Potter series of films that talk about “witchcraft” and played by Watson.

Source: RT

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