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The High Commissioner for Human Rights is calling on the UK to scrap public order law, which she describes as deeply worrying.

United Kingdom’s UN Human Rights Council High Commissioner Volker Dürk has called for the repeal of the Public Order Act passed by the UK Parliament, which he finds deeply troubling as it contravenes the UK’s international human rights obligations. Association.

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The UN said the new law imposes extreme and unnecessary restrictions on these rights that are not necessary or disproportionate to achieve a legitimate objective as defined under international law. said the official. It already has powers to take action against violent and disruptive demonstrations.

Turk noted that the law expands police powers to stop and search individuals without suspicion, defines certain new criminal offenses too vaguely and broadly, and imposes unnecessary and disproportionate criminal penalties on individuals who peacefully organize or participate. objections.

He added that the law would lead to electronic surveillance of the person concerned to ensure compliance, stressing that governments have an obligation to facilitate peaceful protests while protecting civilians. Protected in international forums.

The UN official urged the UK government to repeal the law as soon as possible.

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