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The Hill: US allies split over Biden's diplomatic boycott at Beijing Olympics.

The Hill: US allies split over Biden’s diplomatic boycott at Beijing Olympics.


Posted: Sunday, December 26, 2021 – 8:36 PM | Last Updated: Sunday, December 26, 2021 – 8:36 pm

The American newspaper “The Hill” reports that the diplomatic boycott of the administration of US President Joe Biden at the Winter Olympics in Beijing shows signs of already limited success.

In a statement on Sunday, it said the US move to allow athletes at the Olympics had the backing of lawmakers on both sides, while protesting against human rights abuses in China. Human rights groups and key US allies, such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, however, point out that this support is far from public support.

The report indicated that France would send diplomats to Beijing to oppose the use of sports competitions to highlight human rights concerns in China, while South Korea would not participate in the diplomatic boycott of the games, citing its cooperation with China in North Korea. , In sharp contrast with the position of the United States. .

As member states are at opposite ends of the spectrum, the EU has not yet made a final decision on how to handle the Games.

Citing government sources in early December, the German foreign minister called for a joint response from European countries to the Olympics, saying that Italy, which is expected to host the 2026 Winter Olympics, had no plans to join the United States. A diplomatic boycott.

In this context, Norway, which is considered one of the best performing countries in the Winter Olympics, plans to send its diplomats and athletes, Norwegian Foreign Minister Henrik Tun told The Hill. If travel restrictions related to Beijing, (Govt-19) were announced in February.

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“Neglect is not generally seen by the Norwegian government as a great way to promote peaceful development, human rights and mutual understanding between nations,” he added.

On the other hand, the report indicated that Lithuania, a member state of the European Union, would not send embassy officials; In China’s Criticism of the Campaign for Economic Persuasion over Vilnius’ decision to improve relations with Taiwan.

Japan’s diplomat was also reported absent from the Games, while New Zealand said its ambassadors would remain in the country amid the Kovit-19 epidemic.

A senior executive explained to the newspaper that Biden’s management “did not coordinate the global campaign with other partners, but that the United States” consulted with allies and partners and informed them of our decision in advance. “

In turn, Mary Gallagher, director of the International Institute at the University of Michigan, suggested that disunity among US partners may be in China’s best interest.

“The problem with these types of boycotts is that they tend to show Beijing where divisions exist between US allies or other Western democracies,” he said, pointing to China as “where there is disagreement and not ready to stand.” “Procedures” behind the United States when they take these steps.