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The Hope Probe captures a stunning picture of the surface of the Red Planet The volcanic region “Elysium Planetia” on Mars – Hope Probe

The United Arab Emirates

– 02/08/2021. 22:46

Hope probe captures image of a volcanic region on Mars

The Hope probe captured an image of the volcanic region “Elysium Planitia” on the surface of Mars with a resolution of 145 mega pixels, using its digital exploration camera in order to enhance our understanding of the winds scattered in many regions of the Red Planet.

The photo was posted on Al-Misbar’s account on the social networking site Twitter

According to the tweets, this image was taken on March 15 by the digital exploration camera (EXI) of the Hope probe, from an altitude of 1,325 km above the surface of Mars, and the image shows the volcanic region known as “Elysium Planitia.”

The probe stated in one of the tweets that “a chain of dark winds with a length of 150 kilometers is forming near the center of the image, and it appears in this color due to its carrying dark sand that was formed by eroding volcanic sediments from the floor of the adjacent crater (impact crater) with a diameter of 25 kilometers.

He added that the margins appear brighter for the dark line due to the transmission of bright dust from the dark interior of the lines, and such phenomena will continue to be monitored, using the digital exploration camera in order to strengthen our understanding of the winds spread in many regions of Mars.

The official account of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center retweeted the photo and posted it on multiple social media platforms.

On the thirtieth of last June, the probe captured the first images of its kind of the phenomenon of separate auroras in the atmosphere of Mars during the night using far ultraviolet rays, to enrich the knowledge of scientists and researchers when studying the interactions between solar radiation and the magnetic field of Mars and its atmosphere, and these images are considered a world precedent. It provides high-resolution details at wavelengths that have not been previously observed.

And the Prime Minister of the Emirates, Mohammed bin Rashid, published a video clip documenting the photos

Probe mission objectives

The objectives of the Hope Probe mission include providing an integrated picture of the Martian atmosphere for the first time in human history, which will help scientists to gain a deeper understanding of the reasons for the transformation of Mars from a planet similar to Earth to a dry planet.

Understanding the atmosphere of Mars will help us better understand Earth and other planets.

The mission of the probe is scheduled to last 687 Earth days, extending until April 2023, to ensure that the devices it carries on board monitor the required scientific data that humans have not previously reached about the climate of Mars, and the period may double, if required, to collect more data. More secrets about the “red planet” were revealed.


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