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The Hope Probe continues to motivate students… Launching the fifth edition of the “Discover Mars” competition

The Emirates Mars Exploration Project “Hope Probe” has launched the fifth edition of the “Discover Mars” competition, which offers university students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics an opportunity to explore Mars using scientific data from the Hope Probe’s scientific data center.

The fifth cycle of the competition requires participating students to prepare a preliminary scientific analysis, using the data collected by one or more of the three scientific instruments carried by the Hope Probe on its current scientific mission to explore Mars. Students can work in teams of up to three people, to produce a scientific poster, and the competition jury will evaluate it based on its scientific content, design and presentation.

The first three winners will be awarded valuable prizes. The winning team will receive 10,000 dirhams, the second will receive 7,000 dirhams, and the third will receive 5,000 dirhams. The jury will evaluate the entries in order to determine the winners of the competition. Registration for the competition remains open to students until Saturday, November 20, 2021. For competition instructions and registration, please contact [email protected].

Eng. Imran Sharaf, director of the Emirates Mars Exploration Project, “Hope Probe”, said that organizing the “Explore Mars” competition for the fifth year in a row demonstrates our commitment to motivating and engaging students and highlighting educational and development opportunities in the space sector. They are the key to the future who will continue the march of scientific progress for the country.

He pointed out that the “Explore Mars” competition motivates students to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics, with the aim of enhancing national capabilities in fields related to advanced science and technology.

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“By providing such an opportunity for students to explore space and Mars and develop their skills, it prepares them to participate in creating a knowledge-based, competitive and innovation-based economy over the next 50 years,” he added.

For her part, Engineer Hessa Al Matrooshi, Deputy Director of the Emirates Mars Exploration Project, “Probe of Hope” for Scientific Affairs, confirmed that launching the fifth version of this competition, after making the first batch of scientific data collected by the probe in its current scientific mission on the Red Planet, available to the scientific community and the public would increase the interest of the scientific community and the public. She added that the Emirates Mars Exploration Project “Probe of Hope” continues, through this competition and other activities and programs, to implement its commitment to inspire a new generation of students and youth to lead the future national space sector towards further progress and prosperity.

The “Explore Mars” competition aims to hone students’ research skills, by giving them the opportunity to benefit from the scientific data center of the Hope Probe.

The Hope probe is currently orbiting Mars, collecting unprecedented data about the red planet’s atmosphere. The probe data is shared free of charge with the global scientific community as a contribution from the UAE in the scientific progress of mankind.

The “Hope Probe” carries 3 scientific devices on board: the digital exploration camera EXI It is a digital camera to capture high-resolution color images of Mars, and is also used to measure ice and ozone in the lower atmosphere, and an infrared spectrometer Emers, which measures the temperatures and distribution of dust, water vapor, and ice clouds in the lower layer of the red planet’s atmosphere, in addition to its ultraviolet spectrophotometer EMUS, measures the oxygen and carbon monoxide in the thermal layer of Mars, and the hydrogen and oxygen in the outer shell of Mars.

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