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The hospital is understaffed, and the vaccination capacity of non-profit organizations remains untapped by the health of Brněnská Drbna news

The hospital is understaffed, and the vaccination capacity of non-profit organizations remains untapped by the health of Brněnská Drbna news

The vaccination center at the Brno fairgrounds is understaffed. The flow of vaccines to the center and the number of people who can apply for the vaccination is increasing. From June 1, registration will be open to all age groups. The medical staff from the University Hospital of Brno will vaccinate up to 5,500 people per day at the center, but they lack sufficient pharmacists for the smooth functioning of the center. The region continues to ignore nonprofits that repeatedly try to help with vaccination.

Pfizer, the most immunized vaccine in the Czech Republic, must be diluted before use. Pharmacists and students of pharmaceutical majors help with this in vaccination centers. One such employee could withdraw about 400 doses in eight hours. With the increasing number of people interested in vaccinations, the hospital will need more staff. “We asked these people at the beginning of the year. We received a promise from about 160 of them. But with the breakup, he has to get back to work, school. For this reason, they do not have such space to come to us for vaccine relief servicesA spokeswoman for Brno University Hospital said Veronica Placha.

Nonprofits like the Diocesan Charity Brno or the Podané ruce Society frequently provide their assistance to the area. In the former Bohéma restaurant in the Janáček Theater, along with the city they built a large capacity vaccination center, and they also have vaccination trucks and mobile vaccination teams, which go to non-ambulatory patients around the area. “Our organization has been in the health services field for decades. Together with doctors, we can create a highly effective population vaccination system as quickly as possibleAdded the experienced director of Podané ruce pro zdravotné pé الخe Jerry Dulak.

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This is what one of the surgeries looks like on a vaccination truck. The largest number with a helping hand undergoes 12 surgeries.

They have actually vaccinated more than 300 immune systems

Although medical staff and facilities have received vaccinations, the area is refusing to provide them with vaccines. “All regions do exactly the same. According to the ministry, no area is obligated to open more vaccination centers nowSaid the governor of the South Moravian region Jan Grulich Last week for the message list. For example, the Senator and Chair of the Healthcare Committee approve of the nonprofit sector’s participation in vaccination Roman Krause. „Hospitals should be treated, not vaccinated. Czechs should have a vaccination system built in a way that does not depend on hospitals‘, He said over and over in the past.

So far, the organizations have at least vaccinated patients who are unable to move. And behind them, he travels in an ambulance for vaccinations and outside the borders of the South Moravian region. As of May 27, Podané ruce and Diocesan Charity Brno have vaccinated 333 people from 54 municipalities. They covered a total of 3,955 kilometers. “It is ideal for giving non-moving citizens the chance to get vaccinated at home. These people have very limited opportunities to get vaccinated, yet they make up a risky groupThe mayor of Brno commented on the non-profit organization initiative Marketa Vakova. You can find out more about the service at your GP or at Brno infoline 800 140800.

As of May 26, 393,316 people had been vaccinated with the first dose in the South Moravian region, and 138,788 people had completed the vaccination. The vaccination coverage rate of the region’s population is 38.5%. The University Hospital of Brno was the first hospital in the Czech Republic to receive one hundred thousand doses of the vaccine. General practitioners also participate in vaccination. The nonprofit sector is still waiting for vaccines, and the region expects to participate in the fall at the earliest.

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In addition to vaccinations, other services can also be used at the fairgrounds in Brno. These are provided by Helping Hands.