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The Houthis agreed with Iran. Use the promising riad

The United States has imposed sanctions on two commanders of the Yemeni rebel group, denouncing their responsibilities in the humanitarian crisis in the country and finding their links with Iran. Washington’s guarantee in Riyadh

The United States has imposed personal sanctions against two top commanders of the Yemeni group accused of committing humanitarian crimes during the Yemeni civil war – at least not underlined – both linked to “training received in Iran.” Two Mansour al-Saadi, The group’s naval commander, has controlled much of the country since 2015, overthrowing the Sanaa government. Ahmad Ali Ahsan Al Hamzi, Will lead air and air defense forces (recently translated as being responsible for drones and ballistic missiles that repeatedly attacked Saudi Arabia and used for the new offensive in the city of Marib).

The caste has been accused of being the mastermind behind the attacks on ships in the Red Sea, an attack capability trained by the pastor, from which he facilitated the import of weapons into Yemen, the United States explains. Al-Hamzi has been singled out as the creator of airstrikes for Yemeni rebel forces, including key technology from Iran. Both have been accused of “planning attacks by Houthi forces targeting Yemeni civilians, neighbors and merchant ships in international waters.”

“These measures, taken to advance the Iranian regime’s instability agenda, have fueled the conflict in Yemen, displaced more than a million people and pushed Yemen to the brink of famine.” Report To us. This relationship with Iran is a fundamental element of a clear commitment in front of Saudi allies. Recently, the Biden administration sought to limit Riyadh’s operations in Yemen, which was engaged in a complex and failed war against the Houthis, but at the same time sought to stay close to Saudi Arabia’s security and security needs.

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At the same time, Washington is seeking to negotiate with Tehran to revise the nuclear document. An option that meets an important and cool position in Riyadh (and other parts of the Gulf), with the Saudis wanting to be further assured of the possibility of the issue of having armed groups affiliated with the pastor being placed on the agenda. Right now, they are directly affected – like the Israelis with Hezbollah – by the weight of the military operations of these militants and organizations.

They weigh these issues by finding links to Iran; They unload Riyadh by defining responsibilities for the humanitarian crisis (after a series of decisions against the state). On the contrary, the State Department explained that the decision to exclude the Yemeni group from terrorist organizations has been confirmed, but only to facilitate the arrival of humanitarian aid.