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The “I am an Arab” festival supports traditional costumes.. Maysoon Azzam, Nevin Al-Qadi and others comment

The “I am an Arab” festival was held in Dubai, which was organized with the aim of shedding light on Arab experiences aimed at preserving heritage through costumes. The event witnessed a diverse artistic and media presence and included Arab performances from different countries that addressed the traditions and heritage of folkloric costumes.

On the sidelines of the event, the “Fuchsia” camera monitored the opinions of a group of participants in the event, including the media, Maysoon Azzam, who expressed her happiness in participating, as she said: “I am an Arab. It is our memory and it is the past that we must always hold on to.”

She added: “On this day, we wear the dress of humanity, and I myself am very happy to adopt the “I am the Arab” activity for the “You honor them, you honor me” initiative. be needed.”

As for her appearance, she said: “I am very fond of the distinguished Palestinian fashion designer, Nevin Al-Qadi. She shows the beauty of Palestinian dress and designs it with her wonderful fingers in a distinctive way.. Her designs indicate adherence to heritage and history.”

The designer, Nevin Al-Qadi, said: “I feel very proud when I see people who admire my designs and the type that I present.. The person who cares most about him and makes him do the best is people’s sense of his work.”

In turn, the Iraqi designer Fatima Al Hashimiya indicated that this is her first experience, as she presented a heritage show of northern, southern and central Iraq, and also presented an old royal heritage design and combined it with ancient jewelry. The Iraqi jewelry designer Zozo Kahramana also presented ancient fashion by embodying the personality of the king and designing jewelry. And prehistoric fashion, it is designed with amber stone, which is one of the oldest stones.

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The Iraqi actor, Atheer, also expressed his happiness at his participation in this event for the first time, and said: “We, as designers and artists, decided to transfer Iraq’s heritage and folklore and introduce it to the world more. Today, I will embody the personality of King Faisal, who ruled Iraq in the twenties.”