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نية الأمير هارى السفر لهولندا تزيد التوترات مع عائلته.. اعرف التفاصيل

The idea of ​​Prince Harry traveling to the Netherlands increases the tension with his family .. Do you know the details

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, wore an orange jumpsuit in his last appearance to ensure he would attend. Invictus Games, in the Netherlands, This increased the tension with his family as he said Last week he will not attend the memorial service for his grandfather Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, on March 29 in Westminster.

But he appeared in an orange hat, sunglasses and T-shirt, and announced in a video in Dutch: “See you soon in The Hague.”According to the British newspaper, The Sun.

Prince Harry

His lawyers said he “did not feel safe” after being told he would not receive “the same amount of” personal protection when he travels to the UK or the United States under current security arrangements. Itself..Last night, a source told The Sun, “It’s a shame he missed his grandfather’s memorial service. It should be a good time for the whole family to remember a great man.”.

“It was hoped the Queen would meet her daughter Lilliput for the first time, and it would turn out to be an even more special event.”

Prince Harry has been criticized for what he described as “insult to the Queen” following his announcement last Friday that he would not be returning to the UK later this month to attend the memorial service for his grandfather, Prince Philip. Edinburgh.

According to the British newspaper, The Daily Mail, a spokesman for the Duke of Sussex confirmed last Friday that he would not be leaving his palace in Montecito to attend his grandfather’s service in Westminster. 29.

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