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Apple has revamped the display of computers and tablets.  And this is not all

The iMac was riddled with dust, and little was left in the stores

In stock, local dealers mainly have fewer units of blocks. Usually in colors that are probably not very popular – for example, pink. However, for the vast majority of models, dealers have run out of reports, and in many cases they do not even inform when new machines should be brought back into stock.

Unprecedented interest in the Apple iMac is also evident from Apple’s official website. The American computer giant states that with the current arrangement it will not be able to deliver the assembly until the second half of June, and in the case of higher configurations, even in July.

They look the same, but they are different

At first glance, all new iMac releases look the same, since all configurations always provide a 24-inch Retina display. However, differences can be found …

For example, the base variant of CZK was truncated 37,990, as the only one to offer a seven-core graphics core instead of eight cores. Plus, you won’t find two USB 3 and Gigabit Ethernet ports, which are connectors that the more expensive versions can boast of.

Apple iMac (2021)

Photo: manufacturer’s archive

Prospective applicants should also be satisfied with a limited set of colors – yellow, orange and purple are the prerogative of more expensive models. These are offered for CZK 43,990 in the case of the model with 256 GB storage, or for CZK 49,990 in the case of the model with a 512 GB SSD.

Modified applications

For this reason, it needs specially adapted applications. However, it excels at refinement and low consumption. The graphics on the new iMac are two times stronger, and machine learning is three times more powerful than the previous generation. Apple does not hide the fact that the novelty will also be suitable for games thanks to the Apple Arcade platform.

The Apple iMac has always been an all-in-one system that integrates all the important components into the display. Nothing changes even with the news. But she did follow a great diet, thanks to new, more compact ingredients the thickness of the entire device is incredible. Basically, you won’t even notice it’s a full-fledged PC – the novelty is thinner than most screens today.

Apple iMac (2021)

Photo: manufacturer’s archive