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The image of Muhammad Ramadan embracing a girl in a daring way, causing a sensation!

is back Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan To stir up controversy again, after he published a picture of him embracing a girl in a bold way.

And Muhammad Ramadan posted a picture on his official page on (Instagram), during which he appeared embracing a girl who appears to be the model of his new clip, due to be released in the coming period.

Mohamed Ramadan and his clip model

Muhammad Ramadan commented on the photo by saying: (Soon, firm, trust in God, success).

And Muhammad Ramadan had previously published a photo of him with the same model, which appeared in bold pants, which prompted the public to criticize him.

Mohamed Ramadan (Trust in the Director)

And it came in the comments: (Frankly, your heart is full of faith. This view is not trust in God, but trust in the director.”

Another attacked him because of the picture, saying: (God does not raise a banner for you and does not achieve a goal for you).

Another denounced that he used his famous phrase (trust in God) on this scene, and wrote: (Trust in God is not in this way, women and singing).

And the last opinion agreed with her and wrote: (Trust in God and you are the guardian of unity).

Another mocked, saying: (Oh, I found her, where did you mean? And then your hand, artist).

Fashion designer Mohamed Ramadan exposes him

Mohamed Ramadan had fallen a few days ago into a new crisis after his crisis with the Egyptian media, Amr Adib, and the seizure of his money by the state.

Where Muhammad Ramadan was attacked by his fashion designer Ashraf Fajla, who announced his intention to file an official complaint against the artist because of debts owed to him.

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Fejla said in a press statement that Muhammad Ramadan evaded paying his financial dues in exchange for designing clothes two years ago.

The fashion designer confirmed that he waited about a month and a half after broadcasting the first video in which Muhammad Ramadan demanded his money and payment of his dues, at the request of a group of mediators, but to no avail.

Ashraf Fajla also confirmed that Ramadan is ignoring him and procrastinating in payment, and that after publishing the first video, the artist’s business manager contacted him, stressing that his money will be with him within two days after completing filming the last episodes of the “Musa” series, which was shown last Ramadan, which was not Happening yet.

Two weeks later, Ashraf Fajla was surprised by one of those close to Muhammad Ramadan, who communicates with him again, and assures him that the artist is still filming for other works, and a person named Abdel Ghani, the artist’s account manager, will contact him to settle the matter.

They set a deadline for him to pay the money, but it ended, stressing that Ramadan is procrastinating in giving him his dues on the pretext of being busy.

After the story spread to the media, Ashraf Fajla announced that his dues crisis had ended and that he had finally received the money from Ramadan, after waiting two years.

And the Egyptian Public Prosecution had previously revealed the details of the decision issued two weeks ago to seize Mohamed Ramadan’s money, after the latter came out in a video announcing this and caused a sensation.

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And the Egyptian Public Prosecution said in a statement that the seizure of the artist’s money, Mohamed Ramadan, is related to the implementation of a court ruling.

The Egyptian Public Prosecutor’s Office added that “the Public Prosecution has no jurisdiction” in this regard.

This came after the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, posted on social media a video, in which he said that his money was seized by the state in general, without any explanations.

While two sources, one judicial and the other a banker, said in statements to the media, that what exactly happened was that (a sum of 6 million pounds was seized from Ramadan’s account, in implementation of a court ruling obligating him to compensate in favor of the late pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr).

According to the two sources, the decision is not a reservation or freezing of the artist’s money by the state, as he suggested in his video.

But it is related to the implementation of a ruling issued by the judiciary in favor of the late pilot, who accused the artist of harming him financially and morally and destroying his life, and caused him to be dismissed from his job after publishing a video of him flying the plane that was in the possession of the late pilot.

The judicial source stressed that the Public Prosecution here did not issue such a decision, but only supervised its implementation.

For his part, the banking source said that there is another compensation ruling against the artist, with an amount exceeding 20 million pounds, but it is not final, and the authorities may estimate the amount to be seized administratively in a precautionary manner in this case.

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At the time, the artist surprised his fans by publishing a video clip through his official account on the “Instagram” website, in which he announced that a bank had reserved his money.

Ramadan recounted the call that occurred between him and the bank, saying: (I woke up today on a phone from the bank telling me the state has kept your money.)

And he continued: (I replied to him, I told him, I, my money, my house, and the meat of my shoulders belong to my country and the people of my country, and for the record, I have money in my house. I will add my money that is in the banks and is hidden.”

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