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The influencer went only with a colorful veil.  Deportation awaits her

The influencer went only with a colorful veil. Deportation awaits her

The Russian flu girl has been arrested and is awaiting deportation after she did not take a protective veil to the store in Bali and only painted it on her face. She shared a video of the incident on social media. Report it daily Mail.

Influencer Leia Se tries to enter the store with another influencer, Josh Paler Lin, in the video, but the security guard at the door doesn’t want to let her in without her respiratory protection. Then Lynn paints a blue surgical mask with makeup on his face, which he can use to apply further. In the video, Lin says, “I can’t believe it worked!” But many shoppers have looked at the Se’s “camouflage”.

Indonesia Bali takes the hijab rules very seriously, with 1.6 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and nearly 45,000 deaths among the worst-affected Southeast Asian countries. Due to their abuse, Lin and Si were thrown into a cell at a local immigration center on Thursday, as they wait for a plane to take them out of the country.

At the same time, the first violation of the obligation to wear a headscarf is usually punishable by a fine of one million rupees (less than 1,500 kronor) for tourists in Indonesia, and deportation is followed by a repeated violation. However, in this case, the police proceeded to expel them immediately from the country. “It is appropriate to punish them severely, not only with a fine, but also with deportation,” said local police chief Dewa Newman Ray Darmady. “They not only violated the procedures, they also deliberately provoked the public,” he said.

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The video of the incident has since been removed from accounts by the perpetrators, but it is still available elsewhere. Both of them later released a video in which they apologized for their actions and called on all tourists in Indonesia to follow the procedures. They said they were not trying to encourage procedural violations, they just wanted “entertainment.”