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يقال إن معالج Intel Core i7-13700K ، الذي تم رفع تردد تشغيله إلى 6 جيجاهرتز ، يسجل 983 نقطة في اختبار CPU-Z ST.

The Intel Core i7-13700K processor, overclocked to 6 GHz, is said to score 983 points in the CPU-Z ST test.

Intel Raptor Lake is up to 6GHz

We have screenshots showing the CPU clock from 5.8 to 6 GHz on a 16-core CPU.

Two benchmarks of the alleged Core i7-13700K leaked. The first shows that the processor goes up to 6 GHz with all 8 performance cores disabled and Hybrid mode (so there are no effective cores). In this case, the CPU scored 983 points in the single-threaded CPU-Z benchmark, beating the 5.5GHz Core i9-13900K among all performance cores.

By disabling the “small” cores, the multi-core test result is obviously affected, and this is reported at 7,814 points. The screenshot shows a voltage of 1.421V and a temperature of 25-37°C, indicating that this screenshot was taken after testing.

Core i7-13700K @ 6 GHz, Source: Unknown

The other shows the same CPU but with mixed cores enabled, all 16 cores are available. The performance cores are clocked at 5.8GHz while the effective cores run at 3.7GHz. In this case, the CPU scores 947 in the single-threaded test and 12896 in the multi-threaded test.

CPU package temperatures were reported at 28-38°C at 1.5V (reported after re-temperature testing). A different board was used here: ASUS ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming DDR4 memory.

Core i7-13700K 16C @ 5.8 GHz, Source: Unknown

With this result, this CPU works 10% more than the i9-13900K processor at 5.5 GHz and 16% more than the Core i9-12900K processor at 5.2 GHz.

Intel Raptor Lake CPU-Z Tests structure single thread result
Core i7-13700K ES 8P @ 6.0 GHz
Core i7-13700K ES 8P @ 5.8 GHz + 8E @ 3.7 GHz
Core i9-13900K ES 8P @ 5.5 GHz
Core i9-13900K ES 8P @ 5.2 GHz
Core i9-12900K 8P @ 5.2 GHz
Core i9-12900K 8P @ 5.1 GHz
Core i9-13900K ES 8P @ 5.1 GHz
Core i9-12900K 8P @ 5.0 GHz
Core i9-13900K ES 8P @ 5.0 GHz
Ryzen 9 5950X 16C @ 4.9 GHz

Based on the leaked results

Esperonslaie posted a video showing the same benchmark, but not all of the data is clear. The CPU voltage during the Cinebnech stress test and overclocked 5.9GHz is 1.445V. So this could be a third test, possibly from the same leak. This is the temperature captured during testing, and the beam energy shows 85°C.

Core i7-13700K at 5.9GHz, Source: esperonlaile

Source: anonymous tip, esperonlaie:

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