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Koronavirus a sport

The International Olympic Committee can provide vaccines against the virus to the 20,000 Japanese who will attend the Olympics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) can offer coronavirus vaccination for the 20,000 Japanese who participate in the Tokyo Summer Olympics. It should be an athlete and other personnel who will take care of the smooth running of the games. Kyodo said this, referring to an unnamed official.

This step will contribute to the safe operation of the postponed Olympic Games. Polls have shown that the coronavirus epidemic in Tokyo and several other parts of Japan is in a state of emergency, and most Japanese are against the Olympics. Some experts even fear that the arrival of thousands of people from all over the world could exacerbate the situation.

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said last week that at least three-quarters of all Olympic and Paralympic participants would be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Ideally, it can reach over 80 percent.

Japanese doctors are calling for OH in Tokyo to be canceled due to Coronavirus

However, the Japanese themselves face a problem getting the vaccine, because vaccination is still slow in the country and affects only the most vulnerable. Thirty-six million people over the age of 65 want to be vaccinated by the Japanese by the end of July. Newly established large capacity vaccination centers in Tokyo and Osaka should take care of this. However, the Olympics should be held in the summer, which is why the IOC is considering helping to vaccinate those who, according to the government’s priorities, will not be able to attend by then.