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The introduction to Blanka Street Fighter 6 is an additional mod

Street Fighter 6 Seems like a shot in the arm for Capcom’s long line of fights after that Street Fighter Vthat it average receptionThis is largely due to How much personality you’re injecting into each photo. One of the best examples we’ve seen so far is in the personal introductions that happen before each fight – both fighters entering the ring with swagger worthy of the show’s legacy. The music pulses, the audience cheers, and each character gets an original animation as they walk to their location. But one entry deserves special attention The scream is blanca makes me scream and scream and get ready to play the damn game.

For starters, Blanca is technically a beast man, but he’s comparable to characters like Beast from the X-Men comic books In that he is stuck in a metamorphosis while retaining his humanity after an encounter with electric eels. That’s why he has electrical powers. It’s okay, it’s a fighting game, and you don’t need to explain fake science. But he’s still completely savage when he’s fighting, which is embodied in his country Street Fighter 6 entrance.

While most of the characters walk on the stage while the noise is building Crowd, Blanca here doing cartwheels beside the onlookers. He might encounter a more demure character like Ryu walking confidently towards his defining side, but my guy is doing a full gym routine right next to him. I salute any street fighter who can keep his cool and not be stumped quietly during this free show of sports. I can’t help but stan the acrobatic king.

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Street Fighter 6 It’s coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S on June 2, but you can actually play some of the game’s story mode thanks to a demo that launched on all platforms last month. I played a lot of Street Fighter VAnd while I did enjoy the actual combat, it felt a little sterile on the character front. but Street Fighter 6 Really pulls out all the stops to make every fight feel like an event. It helps the characters feel like HD action figures you’d throw your own, which is even more exciting to watch and play. Consider me fascinated.