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The Iraqi engineer, Diana Al-Sindi, participates with "NASA" in the mission to return to the moon |  Sciences

The Iraqi engineer, Diana Al-Sindi, participates with “NASA” in the mission to return to the moon | Sciences

Diana Al-Sindi, the first Iraqi engineer working in the field of rocket development, for space exploration and the manufacture of satellite engines at NASA, shared with her followers the news of her participation in launching a rocket to the moon.

The Iraqi engineer said – in a video clip – “Finally, after 50 years, we will return to the moon again,” referring to the launch of the rocket, which bears the name “SLS” (SLS) on August 29, 2022, to celebrate the 53rd anniversary of the landing of the vehicle. Apollo 11″ on the moon.

Al-Sindi indicated that “NASA” chose this date due to the movement of the orbit, explaining that the rocket will launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA.

The Iraqi engineer will participate with the NASA team in launching the “Artemis 1” flight, an unmanned test flight planned to be sent within the “Artemis” program, and it will be the first integrated flight of the “Orion” capsule.

Al-Sindi explained that the “Artemis 1” mission is to support long missions of space exploration by building a fuel station on the moon, expressing her happiness with this, especially since the SLS missile has been built since 2011.

Who is Diana Al-Sindi?

It is noteworthy that Diana Al-Sindi was born in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and she moved to live in Los Angeles in 2008, and she holds a fellowship in mathematics, science and physics from Koyamaca College in 2014, and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from the University of California San Diego in 2017.

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Since 2018, Diana Al-Sindi has been responsible for the design, testing and development of propulsion systems at LauncherOne, and worked as a Quality Assurance Engineer at Space Micro between 2016 and 2017.

In a pinned post on her Instagram page, Al-Sindi said that when she immigrated to the United States, she did not know what the future held for her; Because she had to leave her friends and her world to a place where she did not speak the language fluently.

She noted that, as the years went by, she was proud that she had worked so hard to get to this point.