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The island of Jersey has postponed new controversial rules for issuing fishing licenses

The island of Jersey has postponed new controversial rules for issuing fishing licenses

Channel Island in the English Channel has given French fishermen more time to meet the new conditions for obtaining a fishing license in local waters. French authorities in Normandy later lifted the ban on mooring ships from Jersey into local ports. So far, the dispute between Britain and France has been settled since last week since the two countries sent their military patrol boats to the island. French Fisheries Minister Annie Gordin said the two sides would resume talks.

France and Britain have long been embroiled in controversy over fishing since the UK left the EU. However, the situation escalated last week when Jersey authorities introduced new rules on the issuance of fishing licenses. Paris said they did so without warning and that they were targeting French ships.

Last Tuesday, Gerrard threatened to cut off the island of France from power supplies if Jersey did not repeal the new rules. Island officials described the threats to Paris as exaggerated. Dozens of French ships then marched on the port of St. Helier du Jersey, followed by British and French warships.

Jersey Environment Secretary John Young announced today that authorities are postponing the new licensing restrictions to July 1st. He further added that “technical meetings” are being held between Britain and the European Union to clarify the matter. However, he noted that he did not negotiate directly with the French authorities.

Gerrard told the National Assembly today that Jersey had proposed postponing the newly introduced rules and that the two sides would discuss the matter further. He added that France would respond in writing to local authorities.

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However, officials in Jersey continue to support their licensing requirements, for example, Senator Ian Korst said the island should continue to manage its own waters. Jersey Island, about 23 kilometers off the coast of France, is part of the Channel Islands, a British territory. Approximately 108,000 people live in it.