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The Israeli Knesset fails to extend the controversial "citizenship law"

The Israeli Knesset fails to extend the controversial “citizenship law”

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The vote on the law is the first major political test for Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s coalition since taking office last June.

The Israeli parliament failed to renew a law known as the “citizenship law”, which prevents the unification of Palestinians from the West Bank or Gaza Strip with their spouses of Palestinians inside who hold Israeli citizenship.

This law was enacted during the second intifada, and has been renewed annually since then, but it will expire on Tuesday, after the vote on it failed.

Supporters of the law see it as a necessary “security measure,” while its opponents see it as discriminating against Arabs and preventing Palestinian family unification, by not giving spouses from the West Bank and Gaza Israeli identity cards like their valued partners at home.

This vote is the first challenge to the coalition government headed by Naftali Bennett, which won a slim majority in the Israeli Knesset last June.