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The issuance of a new feature from Gmail .. which includes tracking postal parcels:: Al-Anbat

Nabataeans –

Google revealed a new feature on the Gmail email service that allows users to track their parcels from the moment they are sent to the time they are received.

According to the FoneArena website, Gmail is now able to track your shipments, and it’s got a revamped look.

The new feature is available on both iOS and Android, and once it’s turned on, you’ll start seeing tracking information in your inbox and more detailed ways when you open an email.

To enable tracking of postal parcels in Gmail, the following can be done:

Via Android If you are using an Android device, open the Gmail settings from within the app. Click on your email, go to General -> Package Tracking.

Via the iPhone if you are using an iPhone. Open Settings in the Gmail app Scroll down to Data privacy Change the position of the toggle Now that you’ve enabled the feature, you’ll be able to see: Delivery date and time received by shipping company Order number with the ability to click to copy A quick ‘track’ button leads you to online tracking, which is supposed to be more detailed. . The status of the order is in three stages: the order was submitted, shipped, and delivered.

Quick Check If you’re just looking to quickly check the status of your delivery, you don’t need to open the email, as the expected delivery date will be visible from your inbox. And if you open the email, all of the above are shown in a dynamic card at the top of the apps

How to Undo Sending an Email You may often encounter those situations that make you want to unsend an email or email that you were about to send to the other party. For example, you are exposed to a situation such as sending an email that contains spelling errors that you discovered in the last moments, or you notice that you sent the wrong message to an unintended address, or there are attachments that you forgot to put in the message, and other embarrassing situations and scenarios at times. Unfortunately, you cannot unsend a message in Gmail unless you previously enabled the Undo Send feature, which is not turned on by default.

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