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The issuance of a new issue of the scientific journal “Moroccan Space” of the Royal Air Force

Thursday, May 11, 2023 to 19:54

Rabat – A new issue of the scientific journal of the Royal Air Force “Moroccan Space” was recently published, which includes a wide range of topics dealing in particular with future scientific challenges, in addition to big data, neurosciences and informatics, as well as air defense radars.

The publication highlighted in its editorial that the 106th issue of this quarterly magazine deals with topics, most of which fall in important areas that are worth tracking and discovery in the coming years, in order to understand scientific and technical developments in the world, indicating that “transformations in these areas would bring about a radical change in the ways of Work, live and defend against external threats.

The same editorial mentioned that technological developments in the past decades made it possible to collect “big data,” noting that neuroscience and informatics are two fields that benefit greatly from exploiting this big data.

It also touched on air defense radars, which are an essential technology for monitoring and protecting airspace from threats.

The magazine reviewed the main royal activities that have characterized the past few months, including the launch of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Operation Ramadan 1444 for the benefit of approximately 5 million people, the talks that His Majesty the King had with Gabonese President Ali Bongo Ondimba, as well as the delivery of a donation of 2,000 tons of fertilizers for the benefit of farmers. Gabonese.

The issue also stands at the honor that women in the Royal Air Force received, on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

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The “gros plan” angle was devoted to “offsets” in defense markets, which are commercial arrangements between acquirers and sellers in which the seller undertakes to carry out purchases, transfer of services, or any other transaction in the acquirer’s country, in exchange for a sale conditional on this pledge.

In this regard, the magazine also mentioned the signing of an industrial compensation agreement between Morocco and the American Boeing Company.

The “Zoom” section touched on some modern scientific challenges, especially those related to climate change, global health, natural resources, life sciences, space, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

Under the title “Radars, Eyes and Ears of Air Defense,” the magazine devoted this issue’s file to air defense radars, given that they play an important role in defense, by providing detection and monitoring of airspace.

The “Science and Technology” section focused on big data as a revolutionary technology, while the “Identifications” section focused on the fields of neuroscience and informatics.

The magazine also discussed the future of the Air Force, arguing that technological progress in this field has led to the transformation of the paradigm of air superiority and information superiority.