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The Italian national team star repeats the incident of Ronaldo and Pogba .. and “UEFA” intervenes! (Video)

Manuel Locatelli, the star of the Italian national team, repeated what Cristiano Ronaldo, the captain of the Portuguese national team, did, and removed bottles of soft drinks from him during a press conference during the European Nations Championship.

Before the start of the press conference that followed his country’s 3-0 victory over Switzerland on Wednesday, Locatelli removed the soft drinks of Coca-Cola, one of the sponsors of the continental championship, and placed a bottle of water in front of him on the table that was decorated with the award for the best player in the match after crowning it for scoring two goals. One of the three goals of the Azzurri.

Ronaldo had done the same and removed the soda bottles, and raised a bottle of water, saying: Drink water, at the press conference before the Hungary meeting yesterday, which ended with the victory of “Brazil of Europe” with a white trio.

The French national team star Paul Pogba, during the press conference that followed his country’s victory over his German counterpart with a free goal, removed a bottle of beer from the “Heineken” company and placed it under the table.

On the contrary, the coach of the Russian national team opened a bottle of “Coca-Cola” in front of him and drank it during the press conference that followed Russia’s victory over Finland with a clean goal on Wednesday.

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The coach of the Russian national team reflects

The European Football Association (UEFA) called on the players not to remove the products of the European Championship sponsors during the press conferences of the continental championship.

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Source: RT