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Olympijský monument před Japonským výborem

The Japanese are still worried about their health! More than 70% of people are against the Olympics

The latest Kyodo News results were released on Monday, April 12, exactly 102 days before the games began. According to him, 39.2% of the population is in favor of canceling the games, 32.8% are in favor of further postponement and only 24.5% want the games to be organized according to plan this summer.

It thus surpassed 70% compared to the games in 2021, a slight decrease from the Kyodo News poll for January. At the time, 80% of Japanese opposed staging the games or further postponing together in a telephone poll. Meanwhile, the NHK survey was released, with 63% voting to cancel or postpone.

The numbers vary slightly, but in all cases more than half of the respondents are against the games. However, Tokyo is doing its best to organize safe games. On Monday, the city launched a monthly emergency to curb the risk of the fourth wave and the influx of new booms. Vaccination of people over the age of 65 has also begun in Japan.

However, the Koydo News survey also showed that the majority (60%) of the population are dissatisfied with the progress on vaccination. 92.6% of the population also expressed concern about recurring infection.

Concerned about the health of the athletes, North Korea recently withdrew from the Games:

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