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The Japanese have been putting salt in the toilet since ancient times.  Surprisingly, the Czechs haven't figured it out yet

The Japanese have been putting salt in the toilet since ancient times. Surprisingly, the Czechs haven’t figured it out yet

Everyone wants to have a clean and sanitized toilet. Spending too much on chemical toilet cleaners and still not satisfied? A much easier solution is offered. Regular kitchen salt will help you keep the toilet clean. In addition, it also works on limescale.

How do I do it?

Prepare 250 g of salt and 1.5 liters of hot water. Stir the salt and wait until it is completely dissolved. Finally, flush it down the toilet. Salt can absorb odors and disinfect the toilet at the same time. For maximum effect, repeat this procedure several times in a row. You will significantly reduce the strong odor from the toilet if you apply the salt every day for at least a week at a time. Once or twice a month is sufficient for maintenance.

Coarse salt with vinegar for sediment

Deposits that cannot be removed can also be removed relatively easily. In this case, replace table salt with coarse salt. Pour the salt into the bowl and cover it with slightly warm vinegar. Leave the salt slightly damp, then apply it to the sediment. Leave it on for at least a few hours, and preferably overnight. Then the sediment can be easily removed and you can clean the toilet with a brush and flush with water. Coarse salt is also a great way to get rid of clogged waste.

Keep the brush clean

You brush daily, especially if there are more of you in the house. It is necessary to ensure that it is usable and has no smell. There is a simple trick for that. Pour water with salt and citric acid into the bowl where the brushes are. Thanks to this, the brush will be completely disinfected and will not smell.

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Image: shutterstock

Salt whitens the toilet

Thanks to natural products, you can easily whiten the toilet. Simply pour coarse salt into the toilet bowl, let it sit for a while and scrub it with a brush.

Vinegar also helps clean the toilet

If you do not have enough salt, you can also use vinegar. Simply bring one liter of vinegar to a boil, add a spoonful of baking soda to it, pour it into a bowl and let it work for a while. Finally, flush the toilet and you’re done.

Image: shutterstock