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The Jeddah Summit.. This is the most prominent thing that the Saudi Crown Prince spoke about

The Jeddah Summit.. This is the most prominent thing that the Saudi Crown Prince spoke about

concluded yesterday Jeddah Summit for Security and DevelopmentIn the presence of US President Joe Biden, leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq.

In a speech at the summit, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman called on Iran to cooperate and not interfere in the affairs of countries to achieve stability in the region.

He also announced the Kingdom’s support for all efforts aimed at a Yemeni political solution to the crisis and the establishment of the armistice.

He pointed out that the Jeddah Summit is being held at a time when the world is witnessing great challenges.

He believed that Iraq is witnessing an improvement in its security, which is reflected in the security of the region.

While the Saudi Crown Prince made it clear that the completion of the system of security, stability and prosperity in the region requires finding realistic political solutions to other crises, especially in Syria and Libya, to ensure an end to the suffering of their two brotherly peoples.

He stated that the region’s future requires adopting a vision that prioritizes achieving security, stability and prosperity, focusing on mutual respect between its countries, strengthening cultural and social ties, confronting security and political challenges, and cooperating towards achieving comprehensive economic development.

13 million barrels per day

Regarding oil, he stressed that the global economy is linked to the stability of energy prices, stressing the importance of continuing to pump investments in clean energy.

He added that the Kingdom had previously announced an increase in its production capacity, amounting to up to 13 million barrels per day, pointing out that it would not raise more.

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In parallel, he stressed that the growth of the global economy is closely linked to making use of all available energy sources in the world, including hydrocarbons, while controlling their emissions through clean technologies.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman clarified that the Kingdom has adopted a balanced approach to reach net neutrality on carbon emissions by adopting the circular carbon economy approach in line with its development plans and enabling its economic diversification.

youth future

In addition, Prince Mohammed bin Salman expressed his hope that the Jeddah Summit for Security and Development would lead to setting up a comprehensive framework for a new stage that would give hope to the region’s young men and women with a bright future in which they would be able to realize their hopes and present to the world our noble message and values ​​that we are proud of and will not abandon, and we hope from the world respect them.

He warned that adopting unrealistic policies to reduce emissions by excluding major sources of energy will lead in the coming years to unprecedented inflation, rise in energy prices, increase unemployment and exacerbate serious social and security problems.

It is noteworthy that the final statement of the summit stressed a common vision for a region of peace and prosperity, and what this requires is the importance of taking all necessary measures in order to preserve the region’s security and stability, develop means of cooperation and integration between its countries, jointly address the challenges it faces, and adhere to the rules of good-neighbourliness, mutual respect and respect. Sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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