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The Journalists' Association completes the "Press Skills Development" course in collaboration with the Embassy of the United Kingdom.

The Journalists’ Association completes the “Press Skills Development” course in collaboration with the Embassy of the United Kingdom.

During the period 6-10 March 2022, the Bahrain Journalists Association completed the work of a vocational training class on “Improving Journalism Skills” organized in collaboration with the Embassy of the United Kingdom.

The training class witnessed the attendance and interaction of all the local newspapers and media, and the participants received international certificates recognized by BFBS for their attendance and participation, which provided a theoretical and practical feature.

At the end of the workshop, Isa Al-Shaiji, President of the Bahrain Press Association, honored Amani Suleiman, Certified Trainer of the BFBS Institute – BFBS Media Limited, and expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the British Embassy. Bahrain Institute for Financial and Banking Research and the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, and all journalists and media professionals participating in the study.

For his part, Yahya al-Omari, a member of the Board of Directors of the Bahrain Press Association and Chairman of the Vocational Training Committee, confirmed that this first course of its kind was met with success and engagement by appreciative participants. The contents of the curriculum express his hope for further collaboration with various organizations, institutions and specialized centers.

He said the training team’s program is diverse and plans to launch more specialized training classes in all professional fields, targeting media personnel and beginners.

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