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The jubilee month.. the world celebrates the gold of the Emirates

The jubilee month.. the world celebrates the gold of the Emirates

Expo 2020 Dubai: Hamdi Saad
The celebrations of “Expo 2020 Dubai” during the month of the golden jubilee of the founding of the UAE from November 3 to December 4 next are one of the most important factors attracting visitors from inside and outside the country.

The celebrations of Expo 2020 Dubai on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the country represent a great motivation for large numbers of visitors to the event site to participate in these celebrations and enjoy many interesting experiences.

The administration of “Expo 2020 Dubai” has prepared a special set of activities and celebrations that shed light on the UAE’s journey since its launch in 1971 and the aspirations of the next fifty years.

The Expo celebrates the spirit of the union, whose foundations were laid down by the founding fathers and established by the rational leadership of the country, and which inspired the world with unparalleled achievements in all fields.

Expo 2020 Dubai represents one of the most important achievements of the UAE, during which it celebrates the golden jubilee. It represents a clear indication for the year of the extraordinary achievements made by the state over the past 50 years, and it reviews the aspirations of the state for the future, and it will be a catalyst for achieving greater achievements in the next 50 years of progress for its people and humanity.

The Expo celebrations of the golden jubilee of the UAE began with the UAE Flag Day with many manifestations, including: cavalry processions and the police band, to the dazzling air show, in a wonderful tribute to the state flag at Al Wasl Square, in addition to special performances in Al Wasl Square and other places at the event site.

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Celebrating the nation’s achievements

The celebrations of Expo 2020 Dubai in the month of the golden jubilee of the founding of the UAE embody a state of loyalty and belonging to the homeland and a clear expression of pride in the history made by the founders. It followed the wise leadership’s approach to creating a global model that created investment opportunities and inspired its surroundings with innovations and unique achievements at all levels.

The celebrations provide an atmosphere that celebrates the nation’s achievements for its children and a display of the modern spirit, the future, ambitions and aspirations that do not recognize difficulties and turn challenges into opportunities based on the human spirit and his role in development and foreseeing the future to enhance the country’s civilized heritage.

Expo 2020 Dubai looks forward to hosting visitors from the UAE, the region and the world during the golden jubilee month of the founding of the UAE to learn about the exceptional march and to inspire future generations and participate in the launch of innovations that will be the pillar of human progress in the next fifty years.

The celebrations come as an important opportunity to learn about the rich history of the UAE and celebrate the spirit of innovation, cooperation and tolerance in the country, which has long been entrusted to everyone who has lived on its land or visited it with loyalty and welcome within ancient historical traditions.

Al Wasl Square Offers

Expo 2020 Dubai invited residents of the UAE and visitors from abroad to participate in the celebration of craftsmanship and communication, heritage and wisdom, vision and dreams, within enthusiastic activities filled with pride and pride in the history and heritage of the country and its cultures, including: And he became a wise man with a future outlook, in honor of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him.

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It includes, during the Fusion event, a variety of cultural performances, in addition to the presence of artists from different orientations and languages, who bring together a common platform to express their artistic creativity. You can enjoy all this and more around the Expo site.

During the jubilee month, visitors enjoy the fawala talks, which are at the heart of Emirati traditions; Where you can listen to a number of discussion sessions on the similarities between the Emirati people and other cultures at the region’s platforms.

Food and drinks

Expo 2020 Dubai offers many dining offers during the jubilee month that suit the customs and natures of the Emirati society and the nationalities living on its land and visitors within a wide range of options and to enjoy luxurious experiences with a group of the most famous chefs in the world such as: Jordan Bailey, Nico Burkhart and Alfredo Rosso Fateh Totok, Manish Mehrotra and others.

There is an invitation to bake and learn how to make delicious donuts decorated with gold leaf and a chance to sample delicacies from around the world and enjoy street food and gourmet dishes, family meals, healthy sustainable food, and exciting culinary experiences.

Flavors of the future

Expo 2020 Dubai invites visitors to enjoy the true taste of the Arabian Peninsula with the region’s best young entrepreneurs and chefs.