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The Kaliningrad enclave and the worsening crisis between Russia and Lithuania

The Kaliningrad enclave and the worsening crisis between Russia and Lithuania

There have been no reports on the content of the meeting or its details, so far, but this meeting comes after the charge d’affaires of Lithuania was summoned to Russian Foreign Ministry.

was a ruler Kaliningrad Anton Alikhanov said yesterday, Monday, that the Russian Foreign Ministry will summon, on Tuesday, the Russian ambassador European Union Moscow has Markus Ederer about Lithuania’s behavior, telling Russian television: “This is of course a situation that can be resolved by diplomatic means.”

“As far as I know, Marcus Ederer will be called up,” he said European Union Ambassador Russia has tomorrow, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs… and he will be informed of the situation here.”

And yesterday, Monday, Alikhanov confirmed, earlier, that the ban on Lithuania The transit of some goods into the province is illegal, and does not comply with the provisions of Lithuania’s accession to the European Union.

On Saturday, Vilnius banned the transit of goods by rail to and from the Russian region between Lithuania and Poland, which other Russian regions cannot cross through Lithuania, citing the EU sanctions rules.

denounced Kremlin Severely, Lithuania imposed restrictions on the movement of goods from Russia to Kaliningrad, and considered it an unprecedented blockade and a violation of rules and laws.

On the other hand, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said: Maria ZakharovaToday, Tuesday, Lithuania “must understand the seriousness of the consequences of the ban on the transit of goods by rail to the Kaliningrad region,” according to Sputnik.

“I hope that the Lithuanians will have some remnants of professionalism in assessing the situation, they should understand the consequences, and the consequences will unfortunately come,” Zakharova said.

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Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry published a statement saying: “The Chargé d’Affairs of Lithuania was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry and was told that if the transit of goods to the Kaliningrad region, bordering the Baltic Sea, is not fully restored in the near future, Russia reserves the right in protecting its national interests.

“We consider the provocative measures taken by the Lithuanian side that violate Lithuania’s international legal obligations, in particular the joint statement between Russia and the European Union On the transit between the Kaliningrad region and the rest of the Russian territory since 2002, it is openly hostile.”

It is worth noting that maintaining the transit between the Russian Federation and the Kaliningrad enclave through the territory of Lithuania was one of the prerequisites for Lithuania’s accession to the European Union; Also, the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Russia And the European Union on June 24, 1994 has not been abolished and that freedom of transit is one of the basic principles of the World Trade Organization.

And on Monday, Andrei Klimov, head of the Committee for the Protection of State Sovereignty in the Russian Parliament, stressed, through his account on Telegram, the importance of the European Union solving the problem of impeding the transport of goods to the Kaliningrad region, and vowed, “Otherwise, Russia will solve the problem itself.”

Russia had agreed to the exit of the Republic of Lithuania from USSR To become a member of the European Union, after agreeing not to “impede transportation between Kaliningrad and other Russian regions”, according to the Sputnik website.

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Klimov announced that Russia would remove the obstacles set by Lithuania itself if the European Union did not do so.

The Russian parliamentary official indicated that Moscow would then deal with Lithuania as “a country that does not belong to the European Union”, and would act on the premise that the European Union “has given a free hand.”

On the other hand, announced Prime Minister of LithuaniaIngrid Shimonetti, on Tuesday, that her country does not aim to escalate by imposing a ban on the transit of goods to the Kaliningrad region, but rather to comply with the decisions of the European Union on sanctions, noting the entry into force of the tripartite agreement between her country, Russia and the European Union on passenger transport.

“There will never be a blockade of Kaliningrad,” she said. “The transport of goods not covered by the sanctions will continue, as is the case with the transport of passengers, on which we have a tripartite agreement between the European Union, Russia and Lithuania.”

“I confirm once again that Lithuania is implementing the EU sanctions that were adopted in mid-March. We certainly had no aim to escalate anything,” she added.