The monthly meeting of the Asia-Pacific Group is chaired by the statesman/permanent representative of the kingdom to the UN.

Wed 7/10/1444 AH 02/01/2023 CE, associated with SPA

New York, Rajab 10, 1444 AH, February 01, 2023 AD, related to SPA
Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Wasal, hosted the monthly meeting of the Asia and Pacific Group of Representatives at the United Nations Headquarters in New York tonight. Among the group’s 56 countries.
In his speech during the meeting, the Messenger al-Wasal, a.d. While chairing the committee in January 2023, he stressed that the work of the Kingdom has used all its abilities to facilitate the leadership of this committee. Committee for their cooperation during this period.
The Kingdom’s representative emphasized the importance of the Group as the largest geographic group in the United Nations, appreciating the interest of all member states of the group to achieve the interests of all member states of the group.
At the end of the meeting, Ambassador Al-Wasal handed over the leadership of the group to Singapore, where the Singaporean representative to the United Nations thanked the Kingdom’s representative for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s leadership of the group. .
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