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The Kingdom’s pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai shines on the aesthetics of Arabic poetry

The pavilion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia participating in the “Expo 2020 Dubai” exhibition opened its windows, to its visitors, to take them on a journey in the paths of classic Arabic poetry, by showing five short films, each of which highlighted one of the poems belonging to that era.
On top of these poems is the poem of the poet Abu Jubail Al-Barjami, entitled “Ajbil, that your father will suffer his day.” She left him for a long time.” This poem was distinguished by its length and by its richness and high-level linguistic structures.
As for the third film, it sheds light on one of the most beautiful poems of “Al-Marqash Al-Akbar”, entitled “Sira Laila Khayal Min Selimi”.
While the fourth film focused on one of Al-Samawal’s poems, entitled “I forgive me, do you not torment me”, and the fifth film was about a poem by the poet Abd Yaghout Al-Harthy, entitled “Do you not blame me.”
It is worth noting that the five films shown by the Saudi pavilion on its huge digital screen drew the attention of visitors to the pavilion and the international exhibition, who interacted with the film scenes and their linguistic expressions and popular music, reflecting the richness of the Kingdom’s heritage.

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