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The Kremlin comments on Washington’s threats of possible sanctions against Putin

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that US threats to freeze assets and impose sanctions on the Russian leadership are not painful, but politically devastating.

Peskov added in a press statement today, Wednesday: “Members of Congress and US senators who do not know the subject completely talk about freezing assets, bank accounts, private real estate, and so on… In fact, they do not have sufficient knowledge and sufficient experience (on this subject) … in fact. That according to our law, this has long been prohibited for representatives of the high command and officials (holding assets abroad), so of course such formulation of the matter is not at all painful for anyone representing the top management.”, noting that it would not be painful “but it may politically devastating.”

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Biden does not rule out imposing sanctions on Putin personally

Earlier, Peskov stated, in an interview with CNN, that the proposed sanctions in the United States against the Russian leadership may lead to the termination of relations between the two countries.

In addition, US President Joe Biden said earlier today that he does not rule out imposing sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin personally in the event of an escalation over Ukraine.

Biden responded “yes” to a reporter’s question, on Tuesday, about the possibility of imposing personal sanctions against President Putin in the event of Russian forces “invading” Ukraine.

Biden continued in his answer, saying that there would be “serious consequences” in the event of a Russian “attack” on Ukraine, explaining that the talk is “not only about the economic and political consequences for Russia, but also huge consequences for the whole world.”

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Source: RIA Novosti, TASS