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The Kremlin embarrasses France...and comments on the Putin and Biden summit in this way

The Kremlin embarrasses France…and comments on the Putin and Biden summit in this way

A Kremlin spokesman said Dmitriy Peskov To reporters, “there is consensus on the need to continue dialogue at the level of (foreign) ministers. It is premature to talk about concrete plans to organize summits,” according to “AFP.”

He added that “the meeting is possible if the two (Russian and American) presidents see it as useful,” noting that Biden and Putin can “if necessary” talk to each other “by phone or otherwise.”

The office of the French president was, Emmanuel Macronsaid earlier that Putin and Biden They agreed in principle to hold a summit on Ukrainian crisisMacron suggested.

but French Presidency She said in a statement that “the summit Biden Putin It can only take place if Russia does not invade Ukraine.”

Peskov said Putin would chair a meeting on Monday of the Russian National Security Council, an influential body that includes Russia’s most important decision-makers, particularly the leaders of the military and intelligence services.

The Russian President is expected to deliver a speech during the meeting.

On the ground, the Kremlin reiterated that “the situation is still very tense” on Ukraine’s eastern front, between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists backed by Moscow.

“This is worrying,” Peskov said, accusing her of wanting to commit “genocide” against the Russian-speaking population.

The West accuses Moscow of escalating the fighting for several days on the front line, and they fear that Russia, which has mobilized more than 100,000 soldiers at the Ukrainian border, will invoke a massive attack against its pro-Western neighbor.

Moscow denies its intention to invade Ukraine, but demands that this country not join NATO and that the alliance withdraw from Eastern Europe, and the West has rejected all these requests so far.

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