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The Kremlin: Rumors about allegations of an “invasion” of Ukraine after February 20 are “fake” and the situation in Donbass is worrying

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Western media reports on the allegations of the “Russian invasion of Ukraine” after February 20 are “false and untrue”, noting that Moscow is following the situation in eastern Ukraine.

In a press statement today, Thursday, Peskov added, in response to a question about a report by the newspaper “Politico” that Russia will attack Ukraine after February 20, “Everyone heard many dates for the start of the alleged Russian invasion, but it turned out that all this was a fake and irresponsible savages.. after February 20.. We’ve heard a lot of dates, and now a more specific version. It all turned out to be another tautology, fake and irresponsible. None of the authors of these fake reports later admitted that they were wrong. I hope you don’t believe such a falsity.”

On the other hand, Peskov described the statements about the build-up and the alleged additional transfer of Russian soldiers to the border with Ukraine as “baseless accusations, as always.”

Regarding the escalation at the contact lines in Donbass, eastern Ukraine, Peskov stressed that Moscow is closely monitoring the situation in southeastern Ukraine, and Russia’s actions and actions will depend on the development of the situation.

Peskov stressed that Moscow did not intend to hold talks with Kiev due to reports of the tense situation in southeastern Ukraine, but noted that the situation was of deep concern. “There are no plans to hold talks with Kiev, but of course (the situation in Donbass) this is a matter of very deep concern,” he said.

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Peskov added that the information received from Donbass is alarming, and provocations by Kiev began in that region, saying: “We have repeatedly warned that the large concentration of the Ukrainian armed forces in the immediate vicinity of the demarcation line, along with possible provocations, could constitute terrible danger. And now we see that these terrible provocations are taking place, we see reports from representatives of the unilaterally declared republics that there is an exchange of blows along the line, and that the first blows came from Ukraine. This is worrying information. We are monitoring the situation.”

Source: RIA Novosti, TASS