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The Land of Nomads won a BAFTA Award for Best Picture

The Land of Nomads won a BAFTA Award for Best Picture

The drama The Land of Nomads is in part a fiction about a community of elderly people on a journey across America in a caravan. In addition to the three mentioned awards, it also received the Academy Award for Best Camera.

Chloe Chow said, “The way we deal with our elderly people says a lot about who we are as a community, and we have to do better.” After Catherine Bigelow in 2010, she became the second woman to receive this award for Best Director. Her Land of Nomads is also a favorite at this year’s US Oscars.

The film “The Father” by French director Florian Zeller won the award for Best Actor and the Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

French director Florian Zeller during the BAFTA Awards broadcast. Zeller made Sr. and Anthony Hopkins into the title role.

Photo: BAFTA, Reuters

Pixar Seoul won Best Animated Feature and Best Music. The best non-English language film was the satirical film Booze by Danish director Thomas Vinterberg. According to the jury, the best original screenplay was the black comedy Promising Young Woman, which also won Best British Film.

This year’s British BAFTA Awards moved two months after the traditional February date due to the covidu-19 pandemic and almost happened. His scheduled entry to the ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall in London was canceled due to official mourning after the death of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband on Friday. Prince Philip is his grandson Prince William. The dispatch began in honor of Prince Philip, who in 1959 became the first president of the Academy.

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Winners from the individual categories went to the stage to announce characters such as actor Hugh Grant or actress and singer Priyanka Shubrova Jonasova. However, the winners did not come to greet them personally and no audience in the hall applauded them.

Any movie that has been shown in British cinemas in a given year can apply for the BAFTA Awards. Like the Golden Globes, the BAFTA Awards are seen as a harbinger of Oscars, which will be presented within two weeks.