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The largest in history .. Barcelona receives a fantastic sponsorship offer

The largest in history .. Barcelona receives a fantastic sponsorship offer

Press reports revealed a historic sponsorship offer that Barcelona received as the end of his contract with the current sponsor approaches.

The contract of the current sponsor of the Catalan club, Rakuten, is scheduled to expire at the end of the current season.

Despite the difficulties that FC Barcelona is experiencing at the sporting and financial level, it seems that its name is still attractive to investors.

What’s new about sponsorship contracts?

According to the newspaper “ARA”, Barcelona has a huge sponsorship offer estimated at 80 million euros from the American company “VeganNation”.

The newspaper added that talks between the two parties are underway, and the CEO of the company has already met with club president Joan Laporta and marketing officials in the team.

According to the newspaper, the offer was not limited to that only, but also offered a joint project by the Asian giant “Tencent”, the largest technology company in the world, valued at $ 500,000 million, to open lines of business with Barcelona to display the team’s matches on its virtual platform.

What is the position of Barcelona?

The Catalan club is currently studying all the offers on the table, such as the Spotify sponsorship offer, which according to reports could bring Barcelona between 30 and 60 million annually.

The Blaugrana has been looking for sponsorship contracts for some time to improve its budget, which has been suffering greatly in the recent period, which forced the club’s management to take strict economic measures.

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