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اكتشاف آثار أقدام آخر الديناصورات في إنجلترا.. سار على تراب المملكة قبل 110 ملايين عام

The last traces of dinosaurs were found in England .. 110 million years ago in the soil of the kingdom

Scientists have found the footprints of dinosaurs that walked on English soil 110 million years ago near the Dover White Cliffs.

Conditions After the discovery of new fossils in the area, ruins were found in the rocks and front of Foxstone, and it is believed that at least 6 species of dinosaurs remain – including dinosaurs. Unclosures A rugged, armored dinosaur similar to life tanks, a three-legged carnivorous dinosaur such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex; And thisornithopodsPlant-eating dinosaurs.

David Martell, a professor of paleontology at the University of Portsmouth, said: ‘This is the first time that dinosaur footprints have been found in layers known as the Falkstone formation, which is an extraordinary discovery because these dinosaurs were the last to roam extinct in this country.

The 3D dinosaur footprint was discovered at the Foxstone Museum

The discovery was made by Philip Hotland, Superintendent of Collections and Laboratories at the Museum Hostings And Art Gallery, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

He said: “In 2011, I saw unusual appearances of rock formations in Foxstone. They seemed to be coming back again and again. All I could think of was that they might be footprints.”


He continued: “This is contrary to what most geologists say about the rocks here, but I searched for more footprints, and when the waves showed more erosion, I found the best ones. Find out what I’m doing with experts at the University of Portsmouth. “

Most inventions are isolated tracks, but one invention has six footprints – forming a “path” that is more than a continuous trail from a single animal.

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