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The launch of the national campaign to promote the values ​​of the Jordanian flag "Our Flag is High"

The launch of the national campaign to promote the values ​​of the Jordanian flag “Our Flag is High”

On Monday, April 11, 2022, the activities of the national campaign to promote the values ​​of the Jordanian flag “Our Flag is High”, organized by the Ministry of Culture, in partnership with various state institutions, to celebrate the National Day of the Jordanian Flag, which falls on April 16 of each year, was launched.
The campaign seeks to invest in the activities of the Ramadan evenings, “Ramadanyat”, which are held daily after breakfast in all governorates of the Kingdom, and witness a distinguished turnout from the public to attend its various cultural and youth activities, in promoting the values ​​of the Jordanian flag, and introducing the meanings of its colors and symbolism as one of the most important national symbols that unite Jordanians around it, and transform this patriotic feeling into behavior on national occasions and events by raising the flag everywhere and on every occasion. In a press statement on Monday, Minister of Culture Haifa Al-Najjar said that the “Our Flag is High” campaign affirms the importance and symbolism of the Jordanian flag, in order to enhance the values ​​of the state and the Jordanian leadership represented in moderation, moderation, pride in the Arab Islamic heritage, openness to the world, and continuous modernization. Al-Najjar added that the flag is a symbol of national unity and social integration, which brings everyone around it from different ages, regions, religions and social classes, and a tool for integration into the higher national goals of the Jordanian state in just development, social and economic change and improving the quality of life. And the highest meanings of pride and pride in the national banner that the grandchildren carried from their forefathers so that Jordan remains dear and impregnable, and its banner remains fluttering under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II.
She stressed that the ministry shares the joy of the nation on this glorious day, by highlighting the presence of the values ​​of science in the national memory, calling on citizens, bodies, private sector institutions, civil society, youth bodies, intellectuals, artists, media professionals and public figures to contribute to the success of the state of awareness of the national banner and its symbolism, valuing the efforts of national institutions that It works hand in hand with a high level of partnership and cooperation to make this campaign a success.
It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the institutions concerned in this campaign, has prepared a plan to celebrate and promote this occasion, where the anthem of the Jordanian flag will be distributed, which was produced by the Ministry with a new production last year, to devote through image and live documentation the Jordanian cultural landmarks that The Jordanian flag will remain, and the cultural, human and social diversity of the Jordanian society appears on all government and private institutions, audio-visual media institutions and schools during the morning assembly, and in institutes and universities, to be broadcast to celebrate this occasion.
A series of films dealing with many different topics and contents related to the values ​​of science will also be broadcast on television and social networking sites, in addition to a number of different radio breaks, and advertisements on electronic screens in the streets. In addition, a huge flag board will also be drawn and colored by children’s hands, and government, distinguished and archaeological buildings in all governorates will be decorated with the flag.

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