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The leader of the British Labor Party has announced that millions of EU citizens will be given the right to vote

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Sunday, May 14, 2023 08:25 PM

British Labor leader Keir Starmer has announced that millions of EU citizens living in the UK will vote if Labor wins the next general election..

According to a party statement, the Labor leader will give the right to vote to immigrants and young people aged 16 to 17..

Meanwhile, the Conservative Party accused Starmer of paving the way for a new referendum on Britain’s exit from the European Union and of trying to “manipulate” the earlier result of the referendum..

A Conservative Party spokesman said: “Keir Starmer admits he does not trust the British people to allow foreigners to vote… It lays the groundwork for a referendum on joining the European Union, which he campaigned so hard for.”“.

Meanwhile, Cabinet Secretary Grant Shabbs has warned that the Labor leader is seeking to “re-open” Britain’s exit from the EU..

Shapps told Sky News on Sunday: “He is pursuing the reopening of the Brexit solution.”

He added: “It’s a solution we’ve reached to make reciprocal arrangements with EU countries so that British citizens abroad can vote, for example, in local elections in Spain, the same thing here. He wants to reopen the Brexit deal.”.”

Under Starmer’s plan, immigrants who live permanently in Britain and pay tax will be able to vote in general elections for the first time.The move is expected to be extended to around 3.4 million EU citizens who have “settled” in Britain. Another 2.6 million people with “advance settlement” status have the right to vote in the future.

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Meanwhile, 1.4 million 16-17-year-olds can also go to the polls in Scotland and Wales..
Starmer, who backed the Remain initiative and a second referendum, called for “full voting rights for EU citizens” in Britain during his 2020 leadership campaign..