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The lens is expensive and the picture is richer

T + T – normal size

The photographer contributes to transmitting the scenes and scenes around him, which he captures with his camera for others to see, and documents the events, moments and occasions, using his skills to create an immortal image in the memory.

Like other talented and creative people in other fields, the photographer faces challenges and difficulties that may affect his performance, skill and passion during the photographing process, and with the modern technical development that has affected in one way or another the photography, as these techniques may have served them or complicated the photographer’s photography process..

In this poll, we monitor the opinions of young photographers about the role of modern technologies in enhancing their skills, adapting challenges and turning them into strengths in their performance.

High quality

In this context, photographer Yamani Al-Afari said: The techniques helped the photographer to provide professional images with high quality and clear colors through modern and advanced technologies, whether flashes or applications that help improve and process images in a smooth and simplified manner for the photographer, on the other hand, these techniques It helped the photographer and enabled him to shoot without the constraints of time and place, between shooting locations and the studio, whether shooting in the morning or in the evening.

With the presence of the flash, for example, the photographer can take pictures at night using flashes, in addition to the modern equipment that facilitated the shooting process in one place in addition to the available technologies, the photographic process, which previously took five days, has shrunk to two days, and also aerial photography helped the photographer in changing the angles of the image.

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In turn, the photographer Khaled Saeed said: The modern technologies have served the photographer, and greatly helped photographers to determine the options they want before taking the picture and think about it, and through the Internet, which contributed to the formation of a visual feed for the photographer, which helps in creating ideas for the image or shot that the photographer wants In her pickup, as well as equipment and lighting.

The techniques and their development have facilitated the development of the photographer’s skills in photography, modern programs in montage, and the process of editing and drawing images as well. The techniques made it easy for the photographer to publish images and content that he wants to communicate to the public.

Khaled Saeed spoke about the challenges he faces as a photographer, which are the high cost of equipment, and the difficulty of dealing with some modern programs in montage, as the photographer needs intensive courses to master the use of these programs.

This does not mean that the photographer must keep pace with the technical development of modern equipment and permanently acquire the latest ones. Photographer Fatima Youssef confirmed the role of technologies in facilitating the photographer’s task, as it made it easier for photographers to work, and led to the development of their skills and improvement of their level, whether in the field of photography or video.

She added: “Modern technologies have facilitated access to information, and shortened the time for the photographer, and the effort in filming and editing or adding effects to the image or video clip, which led to good results, as it can combine the most important features that the photographer needs with one device, for example, or a feature. specific.”

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