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The Libyan army supports the movement..and warns against the Brotherhood's exploitation of the wave

The Libyan army supports the movement..and warns against the Brotherhood’s exploitation of the wave

warned Libyan National Army That the Brotherhood organization may seek to ride and modify the wave of demonstrations, while protesters had gathered in the capital Tripoli And other cities to express their dissatisfaction with the deterioration of services and power outages.

A spokesman for the Libyan National Army said, Major General Ahmed Al-MismariThe military establishment supports the Libyan people in any peaceful movement and their legitimate demands, adding: “We will protect it and meet the people’s demands, as we did in 2014 when they went out to the squares to demand an end to the presence of militias and bodies parallel to the army and police.”

Al-Mismari explained in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, that the army supports mobilityprovided that it is peaceful and well organized, and in a way that does not allow the penetration of any party that seeks to achieve partisan or sectarian goals.

The military spokesman stressed that the Libyan army protects the aspirations of the people, including access to fair elections in the country.

When asked about the fear of the Brotherhood riding the wave of protests, Al-Mismari confirmed that the fears are based on reports and follow-up from the security services for everyone who spoke about the movement before it began.

Al-Mismari pointed to a tireless attempt by the Brotherhood to exploit the protests, saying that the Libyans were surprised today by the issuance of a statement by a Brotherhood-affiliated organization in the United States that called itself the “Modern Libya Movement.”

Al-Mismari stated that this “organization” submitted a request to the United Nations mission in Libya and issued what he described as statement number one.

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And the Libyan army spokesman added that there are those who want to direct the street according to their wishes, such as seeking to target the armed forces in Libya.